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Fun Dance Events - WeArena

Live & Entertainment
Augmented reality, next generation game consoles and performing areas.

Live exclusive digital concerts, performances and live events, challenge your friends and experience the ultimate and most up to date games with the use of wearable devices.
Special consoles and custom-made performing areas will enable you to fly over oceans, perform with your favourite band, and much more.

Fun Dance Events - WeArena

Educational and entertaining activities, experiments, workshops with real and virtual interactions.
Content and devices are carefully selected to provide cutting-edge experiences for the whole family: a journey through the human body or a galaxy, a climb in the Alps or a plunge into the depth of the ocean.

Don’t worry about nothing and let us take care of your experience, from beginning to end. Cueing time will be minimized, dedicated and safe areas for the kids are in place and you’ll be guided through the different experiences by a dedicated App.

Just relax and enjoy the ride, we’ll do the rest.

Fun Dance Events - WeArena

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Reality goes digital.

WeArena Digital Theme Parks are the perfect place to live amazing experiences and sensational moments. You can experience virtual reality and augmented reality entertainment through consoles, viewers and headsets in organised spaces.

Play with the future in our innovation rooms and discover the ultimate technology devices: you won’t believe to your eyes.

Fun Dance Events - WeArena

Contest & Gaming
Enter E-sports arenas and test the latest videogames with next-generation consoles.

WeArena Digital Theme Parks are the new frontier of entertainment for groups and individuals. Whether you want to challenge yourself, your friends or the world’s most famous gamers, WeArena is the place for you with its full offer of E-sports related contents.

WeArena will never stop to surprise you.

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